Mossy Stairs

Here’s something for the rust lovers AND the nature lovers.  Liza found this unused pathway during a recent photo clicking adventure around our town. She says she bets no one has even stepped on these mossy stairs in over 25 years.

Interesting to think about the rusty stair rail deteriorating, eventually sinking downward, while the moss is thriving, as if awaiting to encase it. If left undisturbed what would we see in another 25 years?

Where DOES she find these mysterious  photo novelties, bits of another time?


3 Responses to Mossy Stairs

  1. QuoinMonkey says:

    Great shot. This is the 2nd shot of stairs recently, isn’t it? I was listening to Marion Woodman on tape the other day (Jungian analyst) talking about archetypes. She said it’s important to notice when you dream about stairs; they are about moving up, level by level. I wonder if it’s important to notice when you photograph them, too?

  2. 47project says:

    Nice colors in this shot. A lot of character.


  3. anitamorrell says:

    QM, How interesting! Moving up… sure hope so. Thanks for this comment that made us both SMILE!

    47, Nice to hear from you again. And thanks. I will let Liza know.

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