rusty nuts

Liza, love your rusty nuts photo. Terrific study in red and turquoise!


6 Responses to rusty nuts

  1. bobpardue says:

    Great job Lisa! You really captured the essence of the situation wth this one.

    Bob Pardue

  2. 47project says:

    Nice photo and amusing title.



  3. QuoinMonkey says:

    It’s hard to believe the brilliance in these saturated colors comes from the corrosive process of metal breaking down. Yet somehow, I light up when I look at it. Yes, there’s just something about rust…

  4. anitamorrell says:

    Are we starting a community of rust lovers? hehe. Liza says she is happy about that and thanks you all!

  5. QuoinMonkey says:

    Rust Lovers Unite!

  6. This is a great image. Liza certainly has a trained eye. I will definitely join that community of rust lovers.

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