More like Occasionally Art

Instead of dailyart, I should have called this blog… occasionallyart. Most creative processes around our pad have come to a halt. The photographer half of this blog, Liza, has had a family crisis… her mom had a stroke.

I have been blogging mostly for benefit of family and friends here about EC and the turmoil of our past several days.

Bare with us. We will me back in the creative saddle soon, I hope.

Best wishes.


3 Responses to More like Occasionally Art

  1. ig says:

    Hang in there Anita, and hope to hear from you soon at daily art…

    Best wishes,
    Ignacio (

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks Ignacio. Appreciate your kindness and patience. Anita

  3. Tim says:

    Beautiful photo from Jerry’s boat. Long live EC!!!

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