Ever been to Paris?

Only been to Paris in my dreams.

But have been to: NYC, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Charleston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Winslow, Denver, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, L. A., D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Cinncinati, Roanoke, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Manchester, Asheville, Dodge City, Key Largo, Albequerque, Anaheim, Gallup, Knoxville, Birmingham, Flagstaff, Orlando, and Amarillo.

Been to lots of smaller cities, towns that you may not know like: Bristol, Amherst, Marco Island, Marathon, Johnson City, Greely, Elizabethton, Jonesboro, Bluff City, and Goose Pimple Junction!  Sometimes traveling to a place is even better than you had imagined… sometimes worse. 

And even though I dream of the museums and wines of France, my roots in Scotland or Ireland or Germany or England, the food of Italy or the politics of the Amsterdam, I am partial to travel in the good ole USA… We like to drive and summer is coming so where should we visit next? Any ideas?

The oil painting above is a portion of a larger painting that I completed last year, appropriately title “Paris”, now owned by a dear friend and famous author that lives on a houseboat in the Keys.


3 Responses to Ever been to Paris?

  1. QuoinMonkey says:

    Where exactly is Goose Pimple Junction? Your two lists of towns are inspiring. I like the graphic quality of this painting and the way the colors are working.

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Goose Pimple Junction is in East Tennessee very near the Virginia border. Population less than 300. They can’t keep a sign… keeps getting stolen. No doubt by folks who just have to be able to prove there is such a place. hehe

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