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At our place in South Florida, our lantanas have grown into a huge bush. One day I arranged a few of the blooms in a vase. The resulting oil painting is 18″x24″, on canvas, framed. I love this painting and am only selling it in order to replentish supplies so that I can continue responding to that little artist voice I hear each day. If it is true that each of us has an artist child inside of us, then mine is screaming today and throwing a tantrum. hehe.


2 Responses to lantanas

  1. randompeople says:

    Hi Anita, ou’ve commented on my blog – thank you – and I went to have a look at yours. I could never have enough patience to do oil painting. I had a look at Jessica Torrant from your blog roll, and obviously, someone been surfing the web for art and art items for sale a lot longer than I have, so that was an eyeopener. Also, I love the photos by Liza that you are posting. So thank you for that!

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks. Will share your comments with Liza. Best, Anita

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