liquid rust

August 13, 2007

My Liza has a brilliant new entry to her series of images called “Rust”.   “Liquid Rust” is a magical action shot. Lovely, Liza!

PS. We have a new project that is keeping us away from posting here as often as our name indicates… but check out our new rehab adventures  here.

fancy rust

July 9, 2007

Rusty metal shaving from a local machine shop produced this exciting art they call garbage. My Liza knows better!

blue mountains

July 1, 2007

Too many pleasant distractions in South Florida, too little blogging time!

But whenever we return to East Tennessee from any of our wonderings, it is the sight of these blue mountains that fills my heart with joy. Maybe it is their majesty or just their comforting familiarity, but they speak to me each time with a soothing, “Welcome home”.

River Mist

July 1, 2007

A cool mountain rain on a hot summer day produced this misty river image during a recent drive in the East Tennessee countryside. 

dripping rust

June 20, 2007

Sorry for shortage of recent posts.  We are back in Florida with many distractions and hopefully new inspirations.  Liza says I should share her “Dripping Rust” with those of you who are following her interest in deteriorating metals. 

mostly full

May 29, 2007

Is your glass half empty or half full? Liza captured this richly intense photo. Her glass is “mostly full”.
Lovely, Liza!

rusty step

May 24, 2007

Just when I think that Liza has documented every piece of beautiful rust in the world, she produces this image. Stunning, isn’t it?